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The application of NIR absorbers on textiles and other materials offers a new way to verify a products authenticity and protect brands from fraudulent goods. The SenoLab enables companies and individuals to detect NIR absorbers easily and differentiate between originals and counterfeits quickly and effortlessly.


Brand protection made easy

Counterfeits are starting to look more genuine every day, but they lack in quality when compared to the originals. To protect originals and to identify fraudulent goods more easily, brands can apply NIR absorbers to their products. These pigments are invisible to the naked eye and can only be detected with special devices, making them ideal for fraud detection and brand protection. Another big advantage of NIR absorbers is that they don’t damage the materials they are applied on.

The SenoLab presents an affordable solution for the fast and reliable detection of NIR absorbers. No matter the type of material they are applied on, the handheld device enables you to detect the pigments on the go, allowing you to prove the authenticity of your products to third parties anywhere and anytime. This benefits brands, pigment and ink producers, customs services, and consumers alike.

How it benefits you


Authenticate textiles

Apply NIR absorbers on textiles for retailers, customs, and consumers to check their authenticity and avoid counterfeits. This is a fast and easy method that does not damage or stain the textiles.


Inspect building components

Equip building materials, such as plastic components, with NIR absorbers to distinguish them from cheap knockoffs. This avoids the use of low-quality materials and ensures the safety of your customers.


NIR absorbers blended into ink

Blend NIR absorbers into ink to print labels or packaging for luxury goods such as expensive cosmetics, alcohols, or certain medication. This ensures that their quality and authenticity can be checked easily.