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A world full of possibilities

the next generation of floor analysis

With our OEM module implemented into your robotic vacuum cleaner, cleaning processes become more precise and thorough than ever before. An affordable module to bring your products to the next level.

Reliable measurements with the oem module

Distance measurements enable the robotic vacuum to detect stains that are invisible to the naked eye and identify a range of floor materials simply by driving over them.

Guarantee a satisfactory cleaning result by letting the next generation of robotic vacuum cleaners do all the work for you - no more missed puddles, sticky stains or carpets destroyed by aggressive cleaning agents.


Experience it for yourself

THE RVC prototype
in action

Elements Image

Reliable identification of floor materials and detection of stains

Elements Image

Measurements within milliseconds

Elements Image

Automatic selection of cleaning programs

Elements Image

Cost effective 

the CLEANING all-rounder

What are the situations in which an RVC with Material Sensing abilities is useful? How can it benefit the user in everyday life?
Explore the possibilities and share your own ideas with our team of experts.


Heavily dirtied areas are cleaned repeatedly

Current vacuum cleaners are doing a good job for the most part, but have you ever been in a situation where the RVC left traces of crumbs and dirt behind? This won’t happen with an RVC that has our novel OEM module integrated. Heavily dirtied areas can be identified by the sensor and treated multiple times to ensure a satisfactory outcome.


All floor materials are treated correctly

Is it PVC, carpet, or wood? What is your floor made of? What cleaning agents should be used? The RVC with Material Sensing abilities answers those questions for you. It avoids the destruction of valuable carpets and expensive hard wood floors by automatically selecting suitable cleaning agents and programs.


Pet excrements are removed before you notice

Using a robotic vacuum cleaner with Material Sensing abilities will keep your customers from stepping in unwelcome puddles of pet urine. Our sensor can detect traces of liquid and clean them up entirely before they have even been noticed.


What would you like to use it for?

Do you have another use case in mind? How can Material Sensing bring your devices to the next level? Contact us if you would like to discuss the ideas that you envision.