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YArn composition analysis

With SenoLab, you can identify and quantify the composition of yarn within seconds. Conduct incoming goods inspection and quality analysis with a small and robust handheld device.



Test during production

Analyze the composition and quality of yarn during production quickly and non-destructively. Save time and resources by relying on the SenoLab rather than on time consuming chemical testing.


Inspect incoming yarn

Inspect incoming goods, such as blended yarns, for their composition and make better decisions about further processing. It also allows you to report inconsistencies in quality to suppliers immediately.


Ensure better dyeing results

Determine the composition of blended yarns to select the right dyeing process and ensure satisfactory results. Better manage your resources by planning how much dye you need for different compositions.

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SenoCorder Solid

non-destructive and fast

Analyze yarns for their composition quickly and non-destructively. You no longer have to send samples to external laboratories, minimizing the time between testing and receiving results to just a few seconds.

The SenoLab fits in your hand and enables you to document and track your testing history stress free, leading to faster decisions and more effective processes.