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A world full of possibilities

Textile inspection in the blink of an eye

With our SenoCorder Solid, you are in possession of a powerful tool to analyze fabrics on the go. Testing incoming goods at the warehouse, identifying new trustworthy suppliers in the field, or assessing fabrics before processing them further – anything is possible. Textiles can be identified and quantified within seconds with our small handheld device.

Questions our Textile Analyzer will answer for you


What is in your sample?

Identify and authenticate the textile you are analyzing. Get to know the material your sample is made of and whether it is pure or not.


How much of a component is in your sample?

Determine how much of a certain component is present in your textile sample. Don’t just get information about what the analyzed fabric is made of, but precise percentages of its components.

Get Started

Reliable on the spot measurements with the SenoCorder Solid

With our handheld device, you can test incoming fabrics for their components and their purity instantly. This minimizes the time between testing and receiving results, as you don’t need to send samples to external laboratories. You can immediately differentiate between genuine and fraudulent vendors. One tool for a broad range of fabrics - non-destructive and reliable.

With the easy-to-use SenoSoft software, you can use our handheld device without any prior experience. 

A solution that fits in your hand and allows you to document and track your testing history stress free. Leading to faster decisions about vendors and fabrics and whether they meet your quality expectations or not.


Experience it for yourself

The SenoCorder Solid
in action

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Reliable identification of textiles

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Fast measurements within few seconds

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Non-destructive testing

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Easy interpretable results

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Cost effective