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analyze materials
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Our mission

Step into THE WORLD of Material Sensing

Senorics’ novel sensor enables you to identify and quantify material compositions in an instant. We call this process Material Sensing.

Our goal is to make Material Sensing available to everyone and give people a seventh sense – the material sense. In this way, your life will become safer, more convenient, and more sustainable.

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Our Technology
Our Products
Known from:
Known from:
Current possibilities

Revolutionizing the textile industry

With our hardware and software you are given the tools you need to take your products and processes to the next level. We are currently enabling our customers to realize the following use cases. Take a look and explore the possibilities for yourself.
Further possibilities

Explore more applications

Material Sensing is a powerful and versatile technique, which makes it impossible to summarize all of its possible applications. We have specified a few examples to give you a better idea of industries that can benefit from the capabilities of Material Sensing.

Our products are unique

A powerfuL handheld device that suits your needs

We are moving Material Sensing out of the lab and into your pocket.


Small & mobile

The small size of our device guarantees better mobility. Simply store it in your briefcase and carry out measurements wherever you are.

Low Cost

Low cost

Our devices are affordable and can be purchased under a subscription scheme that suits your personal needs.


Fast & flexible

It takes less than a minute to analyze materials with our device and the results are accessible instantly on your smartphone.

Easily interpretable

Easy handling

You do not require extensive knowledge to operate our device and the analysis results are easy to understand.

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