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We enable you to analyze materials in an instant - easily and non-destructively.

What we do

REVEALING THE WORLD of Material Sensing

At Senorics we build sensor solutions that enable the identification and quantification of materials and their composition – we call it Material Sensing.

Think about it like this: the same way humans have a unique fingerprint, materials have a unique optical fingerprint. The use of spectroscopy and chemometrics allows us to analyze those fingerprints and identify the materials.

Our mission is to make Material Sensing available to the mass market by building cost-effective handheld devices.

Our Technology
Our Products

How it works

Explore the world of Material Sensing

The fundamental technology behind Material Sensing is NIR spectroscopy, which is used in labs worldwide. The development of our small spectroscopic sensors enabled us to move this decades-old technology out of the lab and into mobile handheld devices.

Using the applications developed by our experienced team along with our SenoCorder allows you to identify and quantify the composition of different materials. Food, agricultural products, textiles, and pharmaceuticals can be analyzed with minimal effort.

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Current possibilities

Revolutionizing the here and now

With our hardware, software, and services you are given the tools you need to take your products and processes to the next level. We are currently enabling our customers to realize the following use cases and experience their benefits firsthand.
Future possibilities

Exploring further applications and industries

Material Sensing is a very powerful and versatile technique, making it nearly impossible to get an overview of all its potential applications and use cases. To give a better idea of the industries that could benefit from it, we have specified a few examples below.


Detect moisture levels in paper and pulp

Analyze the quality of paper, measure moisture levels or find out more about composition to enhance production processes. The paper and pulp industry is only one sector benefiting from the possibilities of moisture detection.


Home appliances

Enable the next generation of robotic vacuum cleaners

Implement our OEM module into robotic vacuum cleaners to create a device that can detect stains that are invisible to the naked eye and differentiate between floor materials to ensure the correct treatment of each area.



Analyze food and determine its quality on the spot

Never has it been easier to analyze food – at the supermarket, at a restaurant, or in the kitchen. Determine the ripeness of fruit, and identify common ingredients such as water, fat, protein, sugar, alcohol and many more.

What makes our products unique

High-impact handheld devices using next level spectroscopic sensors

A novel sensor solution offering a broad range of benefits – moving spectroscopy out of the lab and into your pocket.


Small & mobile

The small size of our solution guarantees better mobility. Simply store the device in your briefcase and carry out measurements wherever you are.
Low Cost

Low cost

Since our  sensors are based on organic electronics, they are low cost. The SenoLab can be purchased under a monthly or a yearly subscription based on your needs.


Fast & flexible

It now takes less than a minute to analyze your samples and the results are accessible instantly.

Easily interpretable

Easily interpretable results

Working with the SenoLab, you do not require extensive knowledge or prior experience.

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